Below is a link to an article published in the Wall Street Journal by Katie Roiphe about a book titled “Undecorate:  The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design” by Christiane Lemieux.  While I have not read the book or even looked it over, I do have some definite thoughts on the article.  In this blog, I discuss this new approach to decorating and why I don’t agree with it.  There is a new style developing, but there is a better way of describing it than Undecorating.  This new style of decorating is what drives the 3 Decorating Divas to help every day people decorate their own spaces.


As described in the article, “Undecorating” is the ideal of a lived-in, unfussy, creative imperfection” look.  However, that is just another style of decorating.  In fact, I would go so far as to say this new “Undecorating” ideal is just an eclectic style of decorating.  Just throw some random things together that are personal to you and that is your eclectic style!   The picture below, which is also in the Wall Street Journal,  is just a messy looking bedroom.  If you make this bed, the room is decorated nicely with two matching lamps, a tufted headboard and nice bedding.  So, is the “Undecorating” look just another word for laziness?


Mentioned in the article was that interior designers don’t decorate for personal taste and that you should save your money and decorate, or shall I say Undecorate in your own taste.  Not true.  3 Decorating Divas makes it our goal to make sure your design plan is exactly decorated for your taste and to make it personal to you.  So, why am I so up in arms about this article?  Because “Undecorating” has just a negative sound towards decorating.  It is trying to make people think that decorating is something that anyone can do just like that.  That isn’t the case.  Decorating isn’t as easy as it may seem to the average person.  It’s frustrating when your room doesn’t come together they way you envisioned.  In the last paragraph of the article it states that any cynic of this new idea would have to agree that they would rather go to a dinner party at any house that is undecorated (featured in the book) than any home covered in Architectural Digest.  That is a huge assumption on the authors  part.  In this case, they are wrong.  I would love to go to a dinner party at any one of those homes featured in Architectural Digest.

After reading this article and looking over the several photos, this Undecorating ideal is more like a day to day living style.  As the author stated, “a look of children lying in a pile of books, artfully unmade beds, one piece of clothing strewn across a couch”.  Every Day Living style is a better way to describe this look.  Or what about Smart Decorating Style?  The do-it yourself way of decorating.  The idea of coming up with ways to get the same look as expensive decorated room without spending the same amount of money, buying cheaper items and not worrying how much they costs or the name on the label, recycling are all reflective of a recession-fueled era and way of thinking.  Of course, the emphasis on going green has also inspired a different look on decorating.  We want paints that are safer for the environment and suddenly re-using grandma’s rocking chair (seen below in our Baby Boy nursery) is becoming increasing popular.


As stated above, the author of this article states, “personality over hired expertise”.  The 3 Decorating Divas ask if there is anything in the room that you want to keep or want implemented in the design plan.  We want you to love your room based on your personality.  That is our goal!  We also want to re-use any furniture you might already have, but just need to be changed in their appearance.  That saves you money and it also saves the environment!  Also, sometimes people just need a little advice in helping them finish their space.  They don’t need to hire an expensive decorator.  3 Decorating Divas helps you out.  We charge hourly to just give some advice or suggestions on what the client can do.  That saves you money!  Why does it have to cost a lot of money to hire a decorator?  Well, now it doesn’t.  3 Decorating Divas cuts decorating costs dramatically!  You can now afford to have your home look like an expensive interior designer decorated your space.  How?  Because we design a decorating plan which lays out everything you need to know to decorate like the pros!  For just $300 a room!  You do all the shopping and work, or you can choose to hire someone to do it.  But, the choice is yours.  In doing that you save on all the fees that designers charge you on doing the running around or making sure the painters painted the right color.  You do all that saving you tons of money!  3 Decorating Divas can work with any budget.  Plus if you decide to change the budget, you can still use the plan.  For example, if we pick out a lamp that is $150, but you can’t afford to spend that much, you can pick something that is cheaper.  You have the basic idea of what the lamp needs to look like.  So you have the control to alter the budget as it fits your needs.  With that idea in mind, you also have the control on how long it takes to decorate your space.  If money is an issue, you can take 6 months to decorate it at your own pace.  You don’t have to do it all at once!!

This idea of Undecorating is basically a new way of stating an already implemented decorating style in a negative way.  If this is a new style of decorating or shall I say a new trend of decorating, there is a better name for it, for example,  Smart Decorating Style or Day to Day Living Style.  The author seems to have a negative attitude towards decorators but she puts all of us in one basket, when clearly not all decorators are hob knob expensive Architectural Digest designer.  The 3 Decorating Divas understands how frustrating it can be to want a decorated house, but unable to do it for financial reasons or just not have the know how to do it.  It is our goal to help anyone anywhere with any budget to decorate their home.  Just Do-It Yourself!!

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