Diva 411 ~ Organization Tips


Diva 411 ~ Organization Tips

Number One Diva’s New Year’s Resolution, Get Organized!!

You never know what the New Year will bring, so get organized now in more ways than one! The Divas have some creative ways to help you take back control after the hectic holidays. First step, take inventory of what you have, need or can re-use both in your home and in your personal life!

Touch base with your friends that you have lost touch with by organizing your address book and stationary! Perfect time of the year since you just received Christmas cards in the mail! Make sure you note any changes in address, especially if you have some returned! Why not try out some new address book programs that will track all your addresses!

Get everything centralized. Bring all your important “stuff” into one area. Sort them into piles. For example, put all your photos in photo boxes by year and then put them into bins with any keep sake items. Make sure all your recipes are in a box and addresses are in your gorgeous diva address book (even in it’s a ripped up envelope with a new address, it’s at least in the address book ready for entry). Then, one area at a time “de-clutter” and “discard” unwanted items.

Create a Diva Household notebook. This fabulous idea can be done very easily and without having to purchase some new organizing office gadget. What you need is a three ringed binder, dividers and a printer. The Divas find that running a household can be hard to do, but if you have a nifty notebook that houses Calendars, To Do lists, Shopping Lists, Addresses, Budgets, and even Diva Decorating Projects. You can find more information at http://organizedhome.com.

Clean out those top shelves in your kitchen and donate items you haven’t used in 2011! General rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in a year… Donate! Make room for new improved appliances. Are you not using the space above your oven or microwave? Take out the shelves and put up dividers instead to store your cookie sheets or cutting boards. Attach peg board or paint chalkboard paint on the back of a cupboard to help keep the family organized. OR using baby food jars, organize your spices by painting the tops with chalkboard paint (photos from pinterest).

Take a room, any room and imagine how you can add subtle changes to update the look, perhaps different throw pillows or re-paint and old piece of furniture! Below, featured at http://jamielyn11.blogspot.com, she painted her sleigh bed and completely changed the whole look of her master bedroom. She also salvaged a dresser that was on its way to the dump and transformed it into a cute shabby chic look!

If you have any questions about this article, decorating dilemmas or want more information on our services, please feel free to email us, locate us on Facebook/Twitter or visit our website (see our ad in this magazine). Any specific topic you would like to read about? Just email us your ideas!

The 3 Decorating Divas ~ Maureen Kocsis, Carina Kocsis and Kayley Grieve

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