I’M “COVERED PERFECTLY” wearing  my chic top designed for Women over 40, by the fabulous Pauline Durban. I’m stylin the Simple Comfort in blue today, I’m obsessed with this soft fabric that just melts on me for that “PERFECT” fit. Thank You for redefining how Boomer Divas like “ME” love to dress……Chic..Classy..Trendy and always with Confidence. That’s why Covered Perfectly Tops are My Fav Fall Fabulous Musings for 2013 . 
Maureen xo


About 3 Decorating Divas

Hi Divas !!!!!I I'm Dancing through life as a daughter,wife,mother and grandmother of 7 . Also living my passion with my business Decorate"ME" AgeMaZing Stylist to Boomer Divas like"ME"by 3 Decorating Divas. Redefining and Celebrating life as a Boomer Diva Love and Peace as we Style our Life Together

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