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Boutique…noun: a small specialty department within a larger store, especially one that sells fashionable clothes and accessories. Origin: “fashion shop,”1953” earlier “small shop of any sort” from French boutique 1767

Hi Boomer Divas !!!! My new blog post is about shopping your local Unique Boutiques, for the next few weeks I will be showcasing some of my fav speciality shops. I’m shopping at “Flirty on 30” Boutique today…Meet Mary Lou the chic owner of this fashion boutique, she has a wonderful sense of Style and it shows through out the store. They cater to all Women with comtempory, stylish, and trendy fashion apparel and accessories. Most of the unique trendy items are limited and won’t stay in stock for long. That’s what I love about shopping boutiques, you can find your own personal style and you don’t see yourself coming and going.

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I just couldn’t help myself ….I did a little shopping for Spring….I just loved the faux leather vest with chiffon trim. Love everything in this shop.Oh I almost forgot she carries Buddha bags in all sizes

Love and Peace as we Style our Life Together….Maureen

Image 1 Image 5 Image 3Shop Flirty on 30 Boutique

306 W. Maple St

New Lenox,Il


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