Boutique…noun; a small speciality department within a larger store, especially one that sell fashionable clothes and accessories. Origin; “fashion shop”, 1953 earlier “small shop of any sort” from French boutique 1767

Image 7

Hi Boomer Divas !!!

Today I’m sharing my at home Unique Fashion Boutique !!!!!! YES…. I’m shopping in my pjs with a glass of wine and my computer ready to go.FASHION’S NIGHT IN at QVC Style is on Monday nights at 6:00.                                                         Inspired Style with Amy Stran is all about sharing her fav fashion must-haves                                                                                       Logo by Lori Goldstein is all about finding your own personal style with “permission to play” with layers                                       Isaac Mizrahi Live with Shawn is a “laugh out loud” fun fabulous fashion show                                                                         PM Style Shawn is Fashion, Fun and GirlFriends

I have just a few of Logo Lori Goldstein tops…Love them !!!!! Here are a few Inspiring ways I wear Lori

Image 6Image 4

Image 3Image 19IMG_1428

Decorate”Me”AgeMazing is about Celebrating and Redefining Life as a Boomer Diva                                                             Love and Peace as We Style our Life Together

Maureen xoxo



About 3 Decorating Divas

Hi Divas !!!!!I I'm Dancing through life as a daughter,wife,mother and grandmother of 7 . Also living my passion with my business Decorate"ME" AgeMaZing Stylist to Boomer Divas like"ME"by 3 Decorating Divas. Redefining and Celebrating life as a Boomer Diva Love and Peace as we Style our Life Together

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