My Fall Fabulous

My Fall Fabulous

Hi Boomer Divas !!!!!!


I styled my Fancy pants with a Kate Spade blouse( Both fromThe Nordstrom Rack) and a short Beatle boot(DSW) I love this pant because it will stay tucked in a lower style shoe or boot


This Fall Fabulous season we have so many Fancy pant choices…                                                 Today I’m sharing… OMG they’re Back !!!!!! Are you ready “Stirrup pants ”                                      These are not your old bag in the knees style.The material is a ponte knit which makes the fit incredible. I remember as a kid we called them ski pants, they fit me ok because I was short, but my poor sister was tall and by the end of the day knees bagged out and the crouch was too short for her. Get the picture ???? LOL

Love and Peace as We Style Our Life Together

Maureen xoxo


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