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Diva 411 ~ What Is Your Room Wearing This Season?


Diva 411 ~ What Is Your Room Wearing This Season?

Get ready for the fashion bug to bite you. We promise it won’t hurt. Fashion week is here! It’s no secret that Fashion and Interior Design have an ongoing Love Affair. Fashion isn’t only what we wear, but what surrounds us. You just have to look up and see a brilliant vast Sky Blue (SW6506) or Pure White (SW7005) snowy days. We watch a bride with effortless elegance walk down the aisle with the most beautiful explosion of color leading her way. Fashion and design equal heaven. All paint colors mentioned are from Sherwin-Williams with reference to the color number in the parenthesis.

The rules we follow when shopping for a new outfit are the same for designing our spaces. We look to have the latest and most interesting ideas from the catwalk on our sofas, pillows, bed linens, wallpaper and paints. Trends in color, pattern and style tend to pop off the fashion runway and right into our homes. Color adds life to our homes while pattern creates the energy. Looking to add a new punch of color, but afraid of commitment, try starting small with accessories. Are you passionate for Jonquil Yellow (SW6674)? Try a collection of mixed match vintage picture frames for that chic modern elegance or three pieces of pottery in shades of yellows to showcase on your fireplace mantel. Throw some color on your couch using expressive throw pillows. Why not give your summer wardrobe a splash of this fabulous color? Start with a cute scarf or a fabulous burst of yellow with a cute handbag. Now, let’s talk jewelry. We love it all! Charming Charlie’s (located in Orland Park) is like walking under a rainbow. Talk about heaven, this place looks like our painters fan deck. There are endless ideas for fashion and design.

Let us steal that style for you! We found this beautifully designed dreamy bedroom from Desire to Inspire. The photo of the cream wingback chair is from Using our Diva twist, we created this look with Sensible Hue Grey (SW6198) and Jonquil Yellow Sherman Williams Paint. A well dressed room reflects who you are and how you live. We tied in our sophisticate room design to a cute runway look for you!

2012 Fashion week exploded with Haute Hues. Here are a few examples: Laughing Orange (SW6895), Dancing Green(SW6716), Dishy Coral (SW6598), Rainstorm Navy (SW6230), Notable Hue Navy Blue (SW6521) the fashion world stated Navy will be the new black. And don’t forget about our traditional Black Caviar (SW6990) and Pure White (SW7005). Please visit our blog at to see this article in color!

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Divas 411 ~ A Lighthearted Look At “Holiday Madness”


Diva 411
A Lighthearted Look At “Holiday Madness”

Tis the season for holiday madness which is just around the corner and with that comes a frantic flurry of festivities. Feeling a little topsy turvy? No, you didn’t drink too much Eggnog. You are looking at this unique “Upside Down” Christmas tree. This wonderful idea has been around since the 7th century. You can read about the history of this wonderful tree on our website. It is becoming the hottest new craze in Yuletide decorating. It has people looking at Christmas trees with a new creative perceptive. The inverted shape “Upside Down” trees have a tapering silhouette, which is simply fabulous for truly showcasing all your treasured collection of ornaments. After all, decorating a Christmas tree is all about the ornaments. The branches allow you to dress your tree with gorgeous dangling icicles and long elegant shimmering ornaments (just like your favorite chandelier earrings). The bottom of the upside down Christmas tree is open to display your beautiful tree skirt. Why not use a beautiful antique quilt or glam it up with a faux mink throw. Just think of all the space under this tree for Santa to spread his cheer with all those wonderful presents.

Now, let’s talk about the Divas favorite part to decorate, the top of this tree! Lots of gorgeous chic boxes stacked on top, Magnolia flowers drenched with glitter and lots white boa feathers to look like snow falling.

How about creating a fun upside down tree for the kids to enjoy and call their own? We love Frosty the Snowman. What a cool idea to keep Frosty alive! You could use all the fun and memorable ornaments they have made and you collected over the years. Don’t forget the top of the tree! Decorate it with all his wonderful belongings, such as his embellished decorated black top hat (find one at Alsip Nursery or Hobby Lobby), his pipe and a luscious long red velvet scarf. Grandmas, what about a tree trimming party with your beloved grandkids? My grandkids love having their own fun upside down tree at my house. Start a new memorable tradition!

Another great idea is a modern traditional table top upside down tree. This would be a wonderful first impression in any foyer. Decorate the tree with ornaments in sparkling blue, butter cream gold, chocolate brown and lots of clear crystals. A fabulous way to welcome your holiday quests into your home. Don’t forget, there is also an upside down Christmas tree for your chandeliers in the dining room and foyer. Talk about topsy turvy with Holiday Madness! How creative and festive!!!

Need decorating ideas? How about creating a boutique chic tree for your daughter’s room? You could decorate her tree with lots of “girly” colors like lime green, diva hot pink and black and white plaid. Oh, and lots of sparkle. Decorate for the holiday season your way and it will be perfect every time. These are just a few of our ideas to inspire you.

The 3 Decorating Divas ARE GIVING AWAY a wonderful whimsy book about the upside down Christmas tree called, “The Upside Down Christmas Tree And Other Bizarre Yuletide Tales” by Delilah Scott and Emma Troy. Anyone looking to laugh their way through the stress of the holidays will discover what truly strange goings on behind closed doors during the Christmas Season. Here are a few examples from the book, weird holiday food and drink traditions and toasts, wild and wacky variations on the Santa Clause theme, what people will do to avoid going home for the holidays and so much more! Visit our website for a chance to win this fun book.

Listed below are a few Sites for Upside Down Christmas trees for sale.

The Divas wish you a Fabulous Topsy Turvy Holiday season