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Shopping Trip ~ HomeGoods



In a recent shopping spree at HomeGoods, we found some cute inspirational items and some great bargains! Our first hidden treasure isn’t much to look at, but with some thought, we used it to design a really cute room!


Now if you rotate it, hang it from the ceiling and add a few nice white (or any color depending on the season or decor of your room) candles you have a fabulous chandelier! Pretty cute for only $69.99. Now use your imagination and add items to sit on or hang from it, for example fall leaves and small pumpkins for this Halloween/Thanksgiving season!


Add a few of these pieces of art and you have a cute Shabby Chic or Beach Cottage entry way or dining room. See below for additional items we found at HomeGoods…

20111004-180623.jpg 20111004-180637.jpg

20111006-103547.jpg 20111006-104605.jpg 20111006-174823.jpg

Here is another cute idea from www.loveandlavender.com using shutters for a bulletin board and headboard. What other ideas can you come up with using shutters?

Diva 411 ~ Look Out!! The Divas Are Hitting The Road!!


 Pumpkins in the cornfields

Gold among the brown

Leaves of rust and scarlet

Tumbling slowly down

Birds that travel southward

Lovely time to play

Nothing is so pleasant

As an Autumn Day

 Unknown Poet

The 3 Decorating Divas are planning a road trip in October.  Fall is one of our favorite times to pack it up and search for wonderful treasures just waiting to be found.  September 23rd marks the first day of Fall, which is right around the corner!!

Who doesn’t want to be in the cool crisp fall air shopping?  Yes ladies, I said shopping.  No malls for us, only outside shopping is allowed.  Just think we don’t have to use our inside voice, “Laugh Out Loud” and enjoy.  We are on the lookout for the some of the best Flea/Antique Markets in the area.  After all, “old” is “new” again!  Here are some of the fun items to look for.  Simple chairs, great old iron garden gate, and old wood ladders to name a few.  A Diva favorite is to peddle life into an old 60’s bike by simply painting it.  Spray paint is your best friend.  Go wild with your color selection and use a gloss white or hot pink.  Try putting lots of bright flowers in the basket to add some more color!  What a fabulous entrance to any home.  Let’s not forget about those old suitcases, always a great find.  Paint and personalize with your monogram and cute name tag.  This is a wonderful look in any entry way or bedroom.  All you need is a little imagination, Divas, to create your own one of a kind treasure.  It’s all about the hunt that makes us smile.

(Photo by A Beach Cottage)

(Photo by Briarpatchprims.com/wordpress March 2008)

Local Flea/Antique Market Information:

  • Peddler’s Cove Flea Market & Antiques

Wilmington, IL (1 hour away)


 Kane County Flea/Antique Market

St Charles, IL

Show dates are Oct 1 and 2, Nov 5 and 6, Dec 3 and 4


 The Covered Bridge Festival has stood still in time. An old mill town with shops and a flea market set up along the water front.  How “fallish” is that?  The Divas have been going here over 30 years.  The Covered Bridge Festival is truly a magical place.

The Best Fall show is a Girlfriend weekend getaway

  • The Covered Bridge Festival

Parke County, IN

It begins Oct. 14th thru 23rd.


(This is the covered Bridge capital in the world.)

 Okay ladies, time to get your diva on!  After all, decorating should be about having “fun”.  Feel free to email any questions!  Visit us online at www.3decoratingdivas.com.  Maureen, Carina and Kayley!!

This article was in the September Issue of the South Frankfort Life, Schoolhouse Life and Butternut Settlement Life by N2 Publishing.

Baby Edward’s Room





As described above: 

Baby Edward’s room starts out with a pop of color of sage green walls with white chair rail and molding 5 feet from the floor instead of the traditional 36” giving the room more height. We brought in texture with the shag rug, window coverings and a textured light fixture. Accessories include jungle themed wall hangings and white alphabet lettering around the room. Matching dark wood crib and changing table add more detail and functionality to the room.


Above is our deco board of Baby Edward’s room.  We came up with an electronic design plan and implemented it.  We made a few changes to the original plan.  We put in a white rocking chair that was handed down, price free.  Mom and dad already had the white changing table, saving them  a little more on decorating costs.  We found a brown shag rug on clearance and purchased the “E” board at Home Goods.  Also, we found a cheaper lamp that was similar at Home Goods and purchased a simple white round shade ceiling light at Lowe’s for $79.  See our changes in the photo’s below.


This is an overall photo of the room.  We purchased the dark cherry wood crib from Target, brown panels at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the Amy Coe bedding at Babies R Us.  The blue and chocolate brown lamp was purchased at Home Goods and the brown rug on clearance from www.walmart.com for only $40.


We had a chair rail installed at 60” instead of the normal 36” which gave the room a little more detail and height.  We installed the picture molding or wainscoting for more detail and painted it a nice crisp super white.


Above we found the textured lamp with a chocolate brown lamp shade at Home Goods for $59.99, much better price than in our design plan.  Mom and dad already had a little round side table and we added a few little rattles and a keepsake box.


We took letters purchased at JoAnn Fabrics for a few dollars a piece and painted them the colors of the room, baby blue, brown, green and white.  We put his initials in dark brown above his changing table. 


We also brought in old hand me down items from mom and dad’s childhood.  Here we have an old elephant toy box that used to house all of Eddie’s fathers toys when he was a little boy.


Here we have Burt and Ernie photos what were given to dad by his Aunt in 1976 and saved for just this occasion adding a special touch to the room.


Here we have an old rocking chair that was given to Eddie’s grandmother  when Eddie’s mom was born.  She used to rock her baby girl in this chair and handed it down so now mom rocks baby Eddie in the chair.  We just sanded it down and painted it white and purchased a white seat cushion at Ikea for $4.99.  Adding our favorite childhood story sets the mood for some nighttime snuggling.