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Diva 411 ~ Light the Way into Next Year


Diva 411 Light the Way into Next Year

Having a New Year’s Eve party this season and needs some creative diva decorating ideas? Well, here are some wonderful suggestions to help welcome your guests into your home and count down the clock!

The Divas have a beautiful and unique way to light up the New Year using water! Of course, it helps if you live in a cold climate. Note: you can go to a hardware store to find special containers that make these ice luminaries, but really you just need to look around the house. Here’s how to do it, find a plastic container, coffee can, or even a bucket and pour ½ inch water at the bottom and let it freeze. The next day, find a smaller container for the candle. Add stones or other weight to keep it from floating around. Make sure there is at least one inch of space on all sides. Now add decorations between the large and small container, for example, cranberries, fall leaves, pinecones, greenery or anything you can think of! Get creative and stick to your party theme and add tinsel! At this point, you need to carefully add the water to the large container and you can get really creative by adding sparkles or food coloring to the water. Make sure the water is ½ inch below the rim of the smaller container and freeze overnight. The next day, add hot water to the smaller container to loosen it up and remove. To remove from the larger container, submerge in warm water or heat up with a hair dryer. Put candle on the inside and put outside! How easy and fun to do with the kids (see our photos from bedifferentactnormal.com and freshhomeideas.com)!

You can use the same concept by filling a 12 inch balloon with water, leaving a little air bubble at the top. Freeze for at least 12 hours in your freezer. Break the balloon and peel it away. Add a little area for the candle to sit at the top by either using a drill or running hot water on the top. Be careful not to crack it! Just imagine the fun creative ways to make your walkway look great (photo from chuckdoesart.com)! Don’t just use them for your walkway. Try putting them in your back yard or on your patio.

The Divas have a few more tips for decorating the inside of your New Year’s party. Help your guest keep track of time by decorating your fireplace mantel with different clocks (pictured here from Martha Stewart). If they are alarm clocks, make sure to set the alarm to go off at midnight! Add a little creative tag with your name and date to make these clocks a great party favor! Don’t spend a lot for your decorations, wait until after Christmas and raid the clearance bins at the party stores! Anything with gold, silver, white, black and red will do! Fill up plastic champagne glasses with tinsel, confetti and miniature Christmas tree balls.

Looking for a centerpiece for your perfect party that doesn’t take a lot of time and money? How about this cute diva find? We love love love this glamorous tiered tray look. So easy to do! Find three different sized silver or gold plates (try to keep them the same shape). Start by looking at your local party or dollar stores. Stack the different sized plates or trays with glasses as pedestals in between the plates and use floral clay to ensure they stay in place. Now get creative and hot glue some decorative stones (we found them at PetSmart for $1.99 a bag) along the edges of the plates and decorate each tier with some different tree ornaments and tinsel. Embellish with rhinestones that really reflect the shine and colors of the ornaments (we found them at Michaels).

The Divas wish you a Happy New Years!

Our article in N2 Publishing magazine for Frankfort, New Lenox and Mokena Illinois.