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Diva 411 ~ Words To Live By


Diva 411 ~ Words To Live By


Don’t you just love this!!! You could read it over and over again and discover new and exciting thoughts to live by. We chose a few captions to show how easy it is to make it a reality.

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them”. It’s Jan 2012! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? We found this empowering message and wanted to share with all of you. It really touched us, the 3 Decorating Divas, in a different way. After all, the Divas are from three generations, grandmother, mother and granddaughter.

“If you don’t like something change it”. Take time to look around your home and see what you would love to “change”. Start small and create a focal wall. Instead of paint, use wallpaper! Yes, it’s back and easier to use. This is not your Grandmas wall paper anymore (Oops! Did we say Grandma?). We decided to use this wonderful black and white Damask print in this great room. This is a classic style with a modern twist. We decorated the space with this great black table, which is painted on the front and top with a fabulous silver embellishment (we found this at HomeGoods). We added 2 Queen Anne chairs. They had a cherry stain, so we “changed” the look by spraying the frame with high gloss white spray paint. We recovered the seats with a black outdoor fabric. We love this concept, ladies you can use outdoor fabrics inside. How wonderful? If there is a spill, just wipe clean (kid and Grandkid proof). Choosing a black and white scheme opens up a rainbow of accent colors you can use. Pop the color with pillows and a throw in reds, turquoise, bright greens even pink. This would make the wallpaper look oh so glamorous. We even scattered a few shopping bags like a Tiffany blue for color. See our photo taken by Pinky Promise Photography! Just have fun with it and “Changed It”!!

“Life is simple”. We are always trying to think of new and exciting decorating ideas….it could be overwhelming. So maybe it’s time to sit back and think “simple” What about looking at what you already have and love and just don’t know what to do with it. For example, I have my Aunt Betty’s tea length taffeta wedding gown and her wonderful old hat boxes from Marshall Fields and Carson Pirie Scott & Co. So what could we do with all her treasures? We decided to create a vignette using all of her lovelies. I found a great black material mannequin (another HomeGoods fine). We dressed it with her gorgeous dress and it fit perfectly. Below her dress sits her teeny size 5 cream satin shoes she wore on her romantic day. We couldn’t resist stacking my grandmothers luggage to make it look like Aunt Betty was ready to pack and dash to her honeymoon with her handsome husband Jack. This is in my bedroom so I can enjoy it every day. All of us have treasures like these, take them out and create your own charming vignette. See our photos taken by Pinky Promise Photography. “Simple”, yet fabulous!

Hope that the Divas inspired you to go out and start creating. We can help you live your dream for your home by sharing our passion.

Happy New Year from the 3 Decorating Divas, Maureen Kocsis, Carina Kocsis and Kayley Grieve

Our article in N2 Publishing magazine for Frankfort, New Lenox and Mokena Illinois.

Diva 411 ~ Light the Way into Next Year


Diva 411 Light the Way into Next Year

Having a New Year’s Eve party this season and needs some creative diva decorating ideas? Well, here are some wonderful suggestions to help welcome your guests into your home and count down the clock!

The Divas have a beautiful and unique way to light up the New Year using water! Of course, it helps if you live in a cold climate. Note: you can go to a hardware store to find special containers that make these ice luminaries, but really you just need to look around the house. Here’s how to do it, find a plastic container, coffee can, or even a bucket and pour ½ inch water at the bottom and let it freeze. The next day, find a smaller container for the candle. Add stones or other weight to keep it from floating around. Make sure there is at least one inch of space on all sides. Now add decorations between the large and small container, for example, cranberries, fall leaves, pinecones, greenery or anything you can think of! Get creative and stick to your party theme and add tinsel! At this point, you need to carefully add the water to the large container and you can get really creative by adding sparkles or food coloring to the water. Make sure the water is ½ inch below the rim of the smaller container and freeze overnight. The next day, add hot water to the smaller container to loosen it up and remove. To remove from the larger container, submerge in warm water or heat up with a hair dryer. Put candle on the inside and put outside! How easy and fun to do with the kids (see our photos from bedifferentactnormal.com and freshhomeideas.com)!

You can use the same concept by filling a 12 inch balloon with water, leaving a little air bubble at the top. Freeze for at least 12 hours in your freezer. Break the balloon and peel it away. Add a little area for the candle to sit at the top by either using a drill or running hot water on the top. Be careful not to crack it! Just imagine the fun creative ways to make your walkway look great (photo from chuckdoesart.com)! Don’t just use them for your walkway. Try putting them in your back yard or on your patio.

The Divas have a few more tips for decorating the inside of your New Year’s party. Help your guest keep track of time by decorating your fireplace mantel with different clocks (pictured here from Martha Stewart). If they are alarm clocks, make sure to set the alarm to go off at midnight! Add a little creative tag with your name and date to make these clocks a great party favor! Don’t spend a lot for your decorations, wait until after Christmas and raid the clearance bins at the party stores! Anything with gold, silver, white, black and red will do! Fill up plastic champagne glasses with tinsel, confetti and miniature Christmas tree balls.

Looking for a centerpiece for your perfect party that doesn’t take a lot of time and money? How about this cute diva find? We love love love this glamorous tiered tray look. So easy to do! Find three different sized silver or gold plates (try to keep them the same shape). Start by looking at your local party or dollar stores. Stack the different sized plates or trays with glasses as pedestals in between the plates and use floral clay to ensure they stay in place. Now get creative and hot glue some decorative stones (we found them at PetSmart for $1.99 a bag) along the edges of the plates and decorate each tier with some different tree ornaments and tinsel. Embellish with rhinestones that really reflect the shine and colors of the ornaments (we found them at Michaels).

The Divas wish you a Happy New Years!

Our article in N2 Publishing magazine for Frankfort, New Lenox and Mokena Illinois.

Shopping Trip ~ HomeGoods



In a recent shopping spree at HomeGoods, we found some cute inspirational items and some great bargains! Our first hidden treasure isn’t much to look at, but with some thought, we used it to design a really cute room!


Now if you rotate it, hang it from the ceiling and add a few nice white (or any color depending on the season or decor of your room) candles you have a fabulous chandelier! Pretty cute for only $69.99. Now use your imagination and add items to sit on or hang from it, for example fall leaves and small pumpkins for this Halloween/Thanksgiving season!


Add a few of these pieces of art and you have a cute Shabby Chic or Beach Cottage entry way or dining room. See below for additional items we found at HomeGoods…

20111004-180623.jpg 20111004-180637.jpg

20111006-103547.jpg 20111006-104605.jpg 20111006-174823.jpg

Here is another cute idea from www.loveandlavender.com using shutters for a bulletin board and headboard. What other ideas can you come up with using shutters?

Diva 411 – Fall Fabulous


Diva 411 ~ Fall Fabulous

Autumn is our second spring where every leaf becomes a flower. The Divas are “glaming” it up for fall. Pumpkins don’t need to be the traditional orange anymore.  The Divas have our own Fall Fabulous ideas!

We found these wonderful elegant black and cream Damask pattern pumpkins at Hobby Lobby for $11.99 to $24.99. These beauties will take you right through Thanksgiving. We love them!  Why not solid black pumpkins? Every girl has that special little black dress why not a little black pumpkin? CoCo Chanel would be proud to have this chic pumpkin dripping with pearls in her home. The Divas turned a plain cream pumpkin into modern fairy tale using black crystal filigree.  We embellished our pumpkins with luscious jewelry from our jewelry boxes.  Pearls, rhinestones, mixed match earrings and even grandmother’s broach. Glamour, tradition and “bling” works every time.

Since we broke the rules with the pumpkins, let’s create a fall burst of color with the greenery. Use lots of burnt umber, golden yellow, dark greens and fabulous crimson. We added sparkle and glitz with Harvest Acrylic Gems.  They come in different sizes and colors like red, gold and clear.  You can find them for a steal at Michaels for only $3.99!

We placed all these wonderful treasures in a huge black tray and placed it on a gorgeous table top.

Let’s not forget about the wonderful smells of fall.  Candles!  We found this fabulous flameless wax candle bowl by Habersham at Venetia’s Home Accents for $26.99 in Orland Park. We purchased one last year and the wonderful aroma is still filling our room.  A must for Fall Fabulous!  You can find more information regarding this fabulous find on the 3 Decorating Diva’s Facebook page.

What about creating a Witches Haven? Our witch is a real Diva she is sassy and styling. She travels the world shopping for whatever makes her happy.  She fell in love with this perfect chair, which has a spider web back. She created a place for her little glitzy spider friends to hang out and wait till she flies home. Our sassy witch now has her own place to put her black Diva cape, couture hat, sparkly hot pink glasses (“Think Pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness) and of course, her fabulous leopard print broom (Home Goods $14.99).  Next to her chair is a lamp which she embellished the shade with jewelry and trinkets from her many travels. It shines light on her book of spells while relaxing and sipping a cup of warm brew. This Diva loves to decorate any scary space.

Fall Fabulous on the outsideNow it is time to take this Fall Fabulous decorating outside.  “Mums the Word”! Fill your front entry way with a burst of color.  It’s easy when you use mums.  Just remember, to make a show stopper you will need to use at least 6 to 8 plants.  Mix with mums with those glorious cabbage plants.  Don’t forget to dress your window boxes by filling them with pumpkins, gourds, mums and almost anything you desire. I hope that all the Divas ideas will help you with your FALL FABULOUS DECORATING!

This article was in the October issue of the South Frankfort Life, Schoolhouse Life and Butternut Settlement Life by N2 Publishing.

Diva 411 ~ Look Out!! The Divas Are Hitting The Road!!


 Pumpkins in the cornfields

Gold among the brown

Leaves of rust and scarlet

Tumbling slowly down

Birds that travel southward

Lovely time to play

Nothing is so pleasant

As an Autumn Day

 Unknown Poet

The 3 Decorating Divas are planning a road trip in October.  Fall is one of our favorite times to pack it up and search for wonderful treasures just waiting to be found.  September 23rd marks the first day of Fall, which is right around the corner!!

Who doesn’t want to be in the cool crisp fall air shopping?  Yes ladies, I said shopping.  No malls for us, only outside shopping is allowed.  Just think we don’t have to use our inside voice, “Laugh Out Loud” and enjoy.  We are on the lookout for the some of the best Flea/Antique Markets in the area.  After all, “old” is “new” again!  Here are some of the fun items to look for.  Simple chairs, great old iron garden gate, and old wood ladders to name a few.  A Diva favorite is to peddle life into an old 60’s bike by simply painting it.  Spray paint is your best friend.  Go wild with your color selection and use a gloss white or hot pink.  Try putting lots of bright flowers in the basket to add some more color!  What a fabulous entrance to any home.  Let’s not forget about those old suitcases, always a great find.  Paint and personalize with your monogram and cute name tag.  This is a wonderful look in any entry way or bedroom.  All you need is a little imagination, Divas, to create your own one of a kind treasure.  It’s all about the hunt that makes us smile.

(Photo by A Beach Cottage)

(Photo by Briarpatchprims.com/wordpress March 2008)

Local Flea/Antique Market Information:

  • Peddler’s Cove Flea Market & Antiques

Wilmington, IL (1 hour away)


 Kane County Flea/Antique Market

St Charles, IL

Show dates are Oct 1 and 2, Nov 5 and 6, Dec 3 and 4


 The Covered Bridge Festival has stood still in time. An old mill town with shops and a flea market set up along the water front.  How “fallish” is that?  The Divas have been going here over 30 years.  The Covered Bridge Festival is truly a magical place.

The Best Fall show is a Girlfriend weekend getaway

  • The Covered Bridge Festival

Parke County, IN

It begins Oct. 14th thru 23rd.


(This is the covered Bridge capital in the world.)

 Okay ladies, time to get your diva on!  After all, decorating should be about having “fun”.  Feel free to email any questions!  Visit us online at www.3decoratingdivas.com.  Maureen, Carina and Kayley!!

This article was in the September Issue of the South Frankfort Life, Schoolhouse Life and Butternut Settlement Life by N2 Publishing.

Steps To A Perfect Room ~ Getting Started


Steps to a Perfect Room

Getting Started (step 1 out of 10)

Need to figure out a few things before you get started.  Basically, how are you going to decorate your space!  You need a road map before you start this journey.  Find something that you love and that speaks to you.  This could be an area rug, wallpaper, fabric or piece of artwork.  From this we will get three critical pieces of  information.

1.  Style:  From the selected item that inspires you, you can determine what type of design style you gravitate to.  For example, you might enjoy a traditional feel or perhaps a cottage design.  This explains a lot about you.  For a list of different design styles, you can visit HGTV Design Styles Defined.

2.  Texture:  Is the item very silky or is it woven?  This will explain what type of appearance or feel the room will have.  Rule of thumb ~ the more heavier or course the texture, the more casual the feel is to a room.  For example, silk is very glamorous.

3.  Color:  Lastly, there are three major colors in a design, a base, contrast and accent color.   General rule of thumb is you need to have at least the accent color in the room three times.  Also, all three colors can be on the color wheel next to each other or in equal distances apart.  I have demonstrated this in my photo below from Olioboard.com.

Above is an example.  I started with the artwork of the fall leaves about the blue sky.  My base color is the blue, the contrast color is the orange and my accent color is chocolate brown.  On the color wheel, the blue and orange are contrasting colors and are equally apart.

(inspired by Sally Morse)

Sally Morse Design Seminar


Help Support Anna’s Journey to the Cure

Raising awareness and money for a local charity

3 Decorating Divas in conjunction

with RSVP cards, invitations, stationery presents:

Sally Morse
Interior Designer, Author & Speaker

She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, as well as writing articles for Better Homes & Gardens, Windows and Walls, Real Simple and other interior design publications. Sally will talk to us about:

 “The 10 Steps to a Perfect Room”


        Sally is Director of Creative Services for Hunter Douglas and in 2008 won the “Window Fashions Industry Icon” award.

 Thursday, September 22nd 6:30 PM

At RSVP cards, invitations, stationery

11337 West Lincoln Highway

Mokena, IL 60448

Requesting a minimum donation of $20 or more at the door

100% of the donation goes to anna’s journey to the cure

Refreshments and goodie bags for all that reserve a seat

Seating is limited so please RSVP


Maureen Ph. 708-341-7667

email: info@3decoratingdivas.com

To find out more information on Sally Morse


Anna’s Journey to the Cure.

Anna’s Story
Nine year old Anna Rose was hospitalized and diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia on March 29th, 2011, at Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn. She began her treatment on March 30th in the pediatric ICU where she had many treatments which included surgeries to install ports for apheresis, numerous rounds of several different chemotherapies, bone marrow aspirations, spinal taps with chemotherapy, cranial radiation, and several transfusions of sort. The standard treatment for this disease is 2 ½ years, that is without complication and bone marrow transplant. Anna’s bone marrow failed the first stage of treatment and will be retested at Day 90. We are hoping for remission at this point so she can stay on the prescribed treatment until September 2013. A  transplant will extend the length of treatment.  She is facing unimaginable hardships. Kids and cancer should never be in the same sentence! At her side are her parents Alan, and Laura, and sisters Rebecca, Melanie and Abigail.With the downturn in insurance benefits, countless outpatient visits to the hospital, the harsh reality is an outrageous out of pocket expense. Mix in the loss of income for the 24/7 care of Anna and the result is a mounting financial, physical and emotional burden no one should have to endure.Please attend and/or strongly consider donating merchandise, services to give at the benefit, and/or gift cards for food and gas. You can also donate with a check payable to “Harris Bank Anna Bakotic Benefit fund”, or online by pay pal or with Visa, MC, AmEX, Discover through guest payment at the paypal option by clicking on the Register and Sponsor button below.
For more information about Anna’s story visit:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/AnnasJourney2011

Decorating my window boxes – helpful tips


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Steps for decorating window boxes:

  • The first step is to remove all dead material from the winter or last summer, this also includes old soil from the prior year.  I purchased these window boxes from Alsip Nursery (http://www.alsipnursery.com/site/) and spray painted them black.
  • Next, I add fresh soil and mix it with the existing soil, don’t add too much.  Remember the plants you will be putting in there will take up plenty of room.
  • The 3 Decorating Divas scour the best nursery’s not only for princing, but care of plants as well and selection.  We shop at Sunrise Nursery in Grant Park, IL.  If you decided to go there, it is best to get there prior to Mother’s Day.  The web site is http://www.woldhuisfarms.com/.  We purchase hanging Supertunias for $13 and break them up in sections.  The Supertunias grow in all directions and hang down, plus they don’t need to be deadheaded either.  We also add green foliage, either a vinca vine or potatoe plant to help with fullness. 
  • Next, add a pop of color.  This year I selected a baby blue for our expecting son in July.  We add our sticks for heigth and drama.  At first the window box will not appear to be in perfect condition, but that is due to shock and the flowers will start to grow in shortly.  Don’t forget to give them a good watering and feed your flowers daily.  We use Mircle Gro Liquid Feed every day.
  • Add some decorations!!  You could easily put in smaller old white bird cages, which are sold at Michael’s or cute little elves or knomes.  Perhaps a birdhouse or small humming bird feeder.  Around 4th of July, I like to add American Flags.  Have fun and be creative!!
  • I planted early this year on May 5th, which is no problem.  However, if you get a freeze, just cover up your potted plants with a sheet, plastic bag or tarp. 

Have any questions?  Leave a comment!!!

Weekly Tip 4/1/10 – It’s time to spring into spring.


Weekly Tip Section:  Happy April Fool’s Day
4/1/10 – It’s time to spring into spring.  Here are a few fresh ideas to freshen up your home.

• Paint your front door a new bold color
• Make a fabulous window box filled with wonderful colors
• Clean out the flower beds and add new mulch to freshen up area
• Have a deck??  Place 6ft evergreens in large pots for privacy, it works and also looks beautiful
A tip for inside your home, the best way to change a room is PAINT!!

Coming up, tips for gardening, painting and re-doing rooms for cheap!